• Question: Thank you for all your great advice and answers, what has been your favourite part of I'm A Scientist so far?

    Asked by danrumford to Cat, Daz, Johnson, Pamela on 23 Jun 2011.
    • Photo: Cat O'Connor

      Cat O'Connor answered on 23 Jun 2011:


      You are so very welcome!

      I know this may sound very cheesy, and possibly like I’m fishing for votes (which I of course am always doing 🙂 ) but reading about your enthusiasm for science has been probably one of the best things about this whole competition! I can’t believe you keep coming up with such amazing questions; you are going to make one hell of a scientist one day.

      I also really love the live chat sessions. They can be so manic but it’s great to talk to all you students ‘live’ and get a feel for what ye are really like. I also love the silliness of it all, it really is good fun but very hectic. My poor hands are going to need a holiday after all this typing!

      What’s been your favourite part Dan?

      Cat 🙂